field of view / 18

axon, image from CNS NYU
axon, image from CNS NYU


well, you see, I’m blind
to everything outside
my field of view

though it might trickle in
like a burst of crow-song
or a Coltrane riff

which is how I imagine dark
looks to those who claim vision
but close their mind.

pebbles and sand-
paper scratch me
as quickly as the scent of lilacs

or the rushing blood in my ears
when I temple the chill car window
during rain.

and you
never forget the curious cool heat of a cheek
before a kiss

as I recall
a memory coursing down an axon
due to voltage gradients

and I am
your field of view
for the duration of this reading.



for Brian’s Self Portrait prompt for Meeting the Bar at dVerse

NaPoWriMo 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014, Day 18

21 thoughts on “field of view / 18

  1. i like the crow-song and coltrane riff… coltrane is awesome…ha.. and sad when people claim to see but close their mind… and i like how you expand it to feeling as well.. so many things we can only see with our heart and our other senses…


  2. This is wonderful. You draw us in the way that a lens is focused with both rather fantastical and rather specifically physical details and then point it out to us–Very clever and really well done. You are doing a great job each day! k.


  3. I am still lost in the second stanza with crows and Coltrane..
    I grew up with guitar riffs and my dad n’ I both have that black blue hair-
    Thanks Grape, now who is slicing onions…


  4. ah but i put more stock in those that see beyond their field of vision, the eyes will fool you, you know….the thought of the scnet of lilacs scratching you…its cool….and on with coltrane now….smiles.


  5. Perfect title, and a very sinuous switch up from self-view to the view the Other sees of our selves–axon is a riveting word choice and really self-explanatory the way you use it, carrying that memory which is after all only one more electrical impulse but makes everything vital flow. I especially like the verbing of temple as well, and the hyphen in sand-paper–that whole stanza–just excellent, and a standout piece that is in your best vein, that would be a perpetual favorite, if I could remember anything longer than a day or two, but my axons and somatas are long past that.;_)


  6. Vision is a brain function of the occipital lobe; the eyes only information gather, process light rays; so the perceptual filters we all create unique to us cause each to “see” the same objects, the same situation, differently; even art, poetry, film; all dancing through our personal filters, all restricted to our perceptions, memory, judgements, life experiences–but you have hit the soul-button here, seeing beyond matter, into the essence of humanism, glimpsing the cosmos; nice take on the prompt. Viva Coltrane, with a dash of Dexter Gordon; go watch ROUND MIDNIGHT again.


  7. Yep, I’m a Coltrane fan too. But what really struck me in this poem (aside from the very wise observation of single-mindedness and focus, and when it turns to blindness and prejudice) was that simple use of ‘I temple the chill car window’ – I’d never have thought of using temple as a verb – kudos to you!


  8. this is just wonderful… i especially love the first three stanzas, but then again, i love crows and coltrane

    i love what you showed us in this field of view


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