smart / 16

Speed Racer - fair use
Speed Racer – fair use


today is Lani’s 21st birthday
that slip of a niece who insisted on standing
up for the first time the day I was married
when she was 7 months old.

but that’s not why I was nervous.
she’s smart enough not to drink
to excess
without her baby

sister Carol, 4 inches taller,
as designated driver
even if I’m not smart enough
to adequately explain why

I got divorced
though Carol still smarts
with her reasoning
burned into her eyes

every time she sees me.
no, a newly legal drinker
(though I doubt she will overdo)
doesn’t scrunch my nerves

compared to yielding
the seat to my 15 year old son
for his very first drive
– ever –

did I mention I’m not smart enough
to not let him start
at night
when he’s sporting a benadryl buzz

treating the patch of poison oak
he dove into the last day of Spring Break
hoping to get out of school?
But it’s all cul-de-sacs

few cars driving or parked
so the jerking acceleration
thudding brakes
loose turns

at 15 MPH did no harm
I wasn’t nervous
for either of them.



NaPoWrMo 2014, Day 16
NaPoWrMo 2014, Day 16

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